New Life Community Life Groups

Bible Study

Bible study for young adults and adults takes place each Tuesday from 7-8 p.m. We use topical and expository teaching approaches to provide Biblical answers to life’s experiences. Please visit our Bible study calendar to view more details about previous and upcoming lessons.

Church Discovery

Do you have questions after visiting or learning about NLCC?  This class allows you to “kick the tires” to get on overview about the NLCC family and ministries.

New Converts

Accepting Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior is the most important decision you will ever make. Know that Satan is not happy with your decision. In fact, he’s a sore loser and will spiritually attack you through faith, family, friends, finances, and flesh (I Peter 5:8-9). But this doesn’t mean that you are alone in your new faith walk. This class will provide a strong spiritual foundation for you as you experience spiritual growth.

New Membership

When you accept God’s glorious plan of salvation, He provides at least one spiritual gift to glorify Him and to unify the church. This class reviews your expectations as a member of Christ’s Universal Church as well as the local assembly of New Life Community Church. Please read our Doctrine of Faith.

Spiritual Gifts Book Club

The purposes of this six-week small group are to learn what a spiritual gift is, identify each individual’s dominate spiritual gifts, discuss how the gifts interact with each other, and discuss how they might be used effectively at the church.

Marriage Enrichment

Our Marriage Enrichment Group exists to provide engaged and married couples with practical ways to fulfill God’s design for marriage. It provides a framework for developing meaningful relationships between seasoned, mature married couples and young, newly, or soon to be married couples. It does not take the place of professional counseling during times of major conflict, but rather to provide an environment to help avert major conflicts. It is a vehicle to instruct, disciple, and equip couples in fostering lasting and intimate relationships that closely models the picture provided in Ephesians 5. Participants are encouraged to take a personality survey and print your four letter result/description that we will discuss during one of our sessions.

Shine Youth Ministry

God has placed His light inside of us (Matthew 5:16). As we learn more about God through exposure to His Word, His Son Jesus Christ, we begin to reflect more of His light in the dark world. We look and act like Jesus. You will see this light shine in our daily worship, discipleship, service, and evangelism.

Children’s Church

Children’s Church ministry provides biblical instruction tailored to the developmental level of youth. Children’s Church takes place each week during Sunday Morning Service.

Prayer Warriors

At NLCC, we believe that prayer and fasting are essential elements of every Christian’s life. Matthew 17:14-21 describes Jesus’ admonition that some spiritual matters require both prayer and fasting in order to maximize our reliance and obedience to God’s will. We gather together each quarter to corporately cry out to God in adoration, thanksgiving, and intercession to pray for the church and community.
If you are unable to attend or would like prayer now, we invite you to complete this prayer request form. We will earnestly pray for God to intercede on your behalf, reveal His will for life, and provide a way to meet your spiritual and physical needs.