What is Evangelism?

At New Life Community Church, evangelism involves genuine love and obedience to God that move us to passionately seek and disciple the lost. It is established in the principles set forth in the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:16-20.
Evangelism is not a gimmick, program, or activity that we do on special occasions or when it is convenient. Neither is it limited to a “select few” or a “team.” On the contrary, it is part of each believer’s everyday experience and way of life. Like breathing, it comes naturally.

How to Evangelize

While evangelism cannot be “taught,” we recognize that the Holy Spirit does give discernment regarding the appropriate time and approach to our witness to others. This comes as no surprise based on our varied personal backgrounds and experiences. Scripture supports a number of different evangelism models that all pointed people to the awesome power of God and to His Blessed Son, Jesus. Types of Evangelism includes descriptions of the confrontational, intellectual, testimonial, interpersonal, invitation, and service evangelists.