Church Leadership


Elder Jerry Seawright

Pastor Jerry Seawright aka “The Maestro,” was born to be a “Fisher of Men.” His down to earth style of preaching and teaching make him a popular minister of God’s Word. He became pastor of NLCC in November 2016, following the retirement of Elder George Williamson. He and his wife, Karen, have three children.


Elder George Williamson

Widely known for his gifted knowledge of God’s Word, Elder George Williamson served as the pastor of NLCC from 1991 until November 2016. He is an avid student of Bible History and blessed with a phenomenal memory. His passionate preaching and teaching style have made him a popular conference speaker and nationally recognized clergy instructor. George and his wife Marian, have two sons, one grandson, and one granddaughter.


Elder Julian Watkins

Assistant Pastor Julian Watkins is a third-generation preacher, grandson of the late Bishop M.J. Watkins (founding pastor of Pontiac Church of God) and son of Bishop Thaddeus Watkins. He is best known for his clear and practical presentation of the Gospel, especially evident in his prison ministry. His gifts include music and carpentry/design. He and his wife, Andrienne, have four children.


Elder Michael McElwee

A fiery preacher and gifted singer are both accurate descriptions of Michael McElwee. His evangelistic passion is visible in his teaching and preaching. He is always ready to give a defense of the Gospel, whether at work, or in the community. He and his wife, Tammie, have five children.

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders provides vision for NLCC members, preach and/or teach, and provide final authority and decision making based on accurate interpretation and application of the Bible (God’s Word).


  • Deacon Earcy Christmon, Advisor
  • Elder Michael McElwee, Associate Pastor
  • Elder Jerry Seawright, Pastor
  • Deacon Mark Stevenson, Advisor
  • Elder Julian Watkins, Associate Pastor
  • Elder George Williamson, Pastor Emeritus
  • Deacon Darrin Woods, Church Administrator

Executive Board

The Executive Board achieves the Board of Elder’s vision through prayer, due diligence, and reasonable deadlines by using financial and human resources of NLCC and its community.


  • Earcy Christmon, Trustee
  • Michael Christmon, Music & Arts Director
  • Roseveletta Cooper, Member at Large
  • Nikki Erves, Financial Analyst
  • Debra Gordan, Trustee
  • Elder Michael McElwee, Associate Pastor
  • Geralean Ratcliff: Trustee and General Treasurer
  • Elder Jerry Seawright, Pastor
  • Kala Seawright, Church Secretary
  • Karen Seawright, Hospitality & Community Outreach Director
  • Lucille Stevenson, Member at Large
  • Mark Stevenson, Member at Large
  • Elder Julian Watkins, Associate Pastor
  • Elder George Williamson, Pastor Emeritus
  • Darrin Woods, Church Administrator
  • Mahrini Woods, Christian Education Director