Do you have questions after visiting or learning about NLCC?
These class sessions examine the basic doctrine of our church, an explanation of the components of our mission statement, and a discussion of what it means to be a church member.  Please view the New Life Community Church Discovery Class Overview which provides more information.
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Overview of classes

Session 1: Doctrine
At New Life Community Church (NLCC), our central mission is making disciples (Mt. 28:19-20). The corner-stone of this class is  teaching of sound biblical doctrine.
Session 2: Doctrine (Part 2)
Recall that doctrine refers to that which is taught. It is a principle or position or body of principles in a belief system (Webster’s Dictionary).
Session 3:  Worship
Worship involves expressions of God’s true worth through song, oration, and fellowship. The first priority of the redeemed is to worship the True and Living God. It is why we were created.
Session 4:  Evangelism
Evangelism involves genuine love and obedience to God that move us to passionately seek and disciple the lost. Evangelism should not be a gimmick, program, or activity that we do on special occasions.  
Session 5:  Service
At NLCC, service involves church and community ministries that demonstrate love for God and man. The whole goal of a servant is not to please himself, but a servant is controlled
by someone else. 
Session 6:  Membership
Now that you’ve learned about our doctrine and core values, what does NLCC membership involve?  We’ll discuss the profiles of a church member based on Tom Rainer’s book I Am a Church Member.
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