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Current Bible Study Series

September Bible Study Schedule
September 8:  James 1:1-11
“Testing Your Faith” (Part 1) Download Handout 
September 15: James 1:1-11
“Testing Your Faith” (Part 1a) Download Handout 
September 22
James 1:12-18
“Testing Your Faith” (Part 2a)
September 29:
James 1:12-18
“Testing Your Faith” (Part 2b)
October Bible Study Schedule

October 6:

James 1:19-27
“Testing Your Faith” (Part 3)


October 13:

James 2:13

“The Sin of Partiality”

October 20:
James 2:14-26
“Faith and Works”
October 27:
James 3:1-12
“The Tongue is a Fire”

NLCC Precepts Bible Study Podcasts


Mahrini Woods - July 14, 2020

Oneness Embraced: Part 1 Embracing Racial Oneness

Oneness Embraced

Based on Tony Evans’ series, we discuss Christians’ oneness, diversity, and values from God’s perspective in light of black/white relations in the culture at large and in the church in particular that continue to be a stain on America's respectable reputation.

Scripture References: James 2:1-10, Ephesians 2:13-22

From Series: "Oneness Embraced"

In this series byTony Evans, we see how he seeks to promote a biblical understanding of the kingdom foundation of oneness by detailing why we don't have it, what we need to do to get it, and what it will look like when we live it.

Oneness Embraced Discussion Guide: Part 1 Embracing Racial Oneness

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