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During each “Precepts” Audio Podcast, Pastor Elder Jerry Seawright and other NLCC clergy address biblical and doctrinal topics impacting Christians’ daily living.  You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes by clicking here.

Elder Jerry Seawright, Pastor - July 22, 2018

An Evangelist Kit

Show and Tell to Witness and Evangelize

In the New Testament, the book of Acts describes the history of the early church. Not surprisingly, the rapid spreading of the Gospel and exponential growth of the church led to new challenges. Acts 6:1-7 describes one of these challenges which was meeting the needs of widows. How did God equip the church to meet these needs and what are the implications for churches today? And now, here's Pastor Jerry Seawright as continues with Part 8 of a series called “Show and Tell” with his sermon entitled "An Evangelist Kit."

Scripture References: Acts 6:1-7

From Series: "Show and Tell to Witness and Evangelize"

The game of "Show and Tell" involves people displaying something and explaining it's significance. In a very real sense, Christians should have and display a commitment to God and enthusiastically share His Word with their friends, family, and even enemies.

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