We are committed to teaching and living out the truth of scripture through sound biblical doctrine and exposition. The following summarizes our core beliefs:
  • We believe that the Bible is God’s written revelation to man and is absolutely infallible, inerrant, timeless, and is the final authority in all matters of life. It stands supreme as the Universal Arbitrator of right and wrong.
  • We believe in ONE Triune, eternal, Living God (i.e. existing in 3 persons equally deserving of worship and obedience) consisting of the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that man was created in the image of God to glorify Him eternally but Adam’s sinful disobedience broke that fellowship.
  • We believe that God has provided salvation by His grace alone through Jesus Christ and NOT on the basis of our merit or work.
  • We believe that all believers in Christ (i.e. Christians saved by God’s grace) are called to live lives separated from sin.
We encourage you to download a more detailed description of our NLCC Doctrinal Statement.
Through the leadership of Pastor Jerry Seawright, New Life Community Church’s vision and mission reflect our vertical relationship with God and horizontal relationship with humanity through our NLCC Core Values.
Vision Statement: to proclaim Christ and equip saints in the bond of fellowship.

Mission statement: to celebrate new life with Christ through worship, discipleship, service, and evangelism.



New Life Community Church of Pontiac (formerly Church of God of Pontiac) began as a Sunday School in 1918. Members included the Dawse Gordon and John Lotton families who met from house to house. The newly-wed Lemmuel Gordon, came to Pontiac in the year and assisted in helping the Church to grow. His bride, Sister Ethel Gordon, was the first Church Secretary and held the position for many years.

The group acquired a few chairs and moved into the “Stamping Building” at the corner of Saginaw and South Boulevard. After the plant was reclaimed, members such as Charlie Crowder, Brother Hellum, and Raphael Hooks met in each other homes.

The first minister was Sister Minnie Stewart, wife of Brother Jessie Stewart. In 1920, ministers came from Indiana, Kentucky and Tennesse, preaching the Gospel to help build the church. Ministers included Rev. Issac Coleman, Bishop T.D. McGee, and Elder T. Bidell. Some of the organizers and members that year also included Bishop Major J. Watkins, Brother Arie Barbee of Detroit, Brother Cohen Washington of Flint, and Brother J.E. Jones, longtime Pontiac businessman. During this time, Brother William Kelly became the Church Treasurer and Sister Ada Manning moved to Pontiac and joined the church in 1921.

Wesson Street Location  

By 1922, the membership grew and the church began purchasing a house on 132 Wesson Street in Pontiac, Michigan. After members built a basement wall around the house, they demolished the home and completed the basement. Brother Barry Mitchell became one of the first Sunday School teachers at that location. Members remained there until moving into the present facility at 296 South Boulevard West.

A full schedule of regular Sunday services was first conducted in 1923. The Rev. Savage of the White First Baptist Church at the corner of Saginaw and Oakland Avenues was kind enough to let the church conduct baptismal services in their church. Later, Church of God members baptized in Crystal Lake (then called Mudd Lake) near Bagley School and then in the Clinton River east of Hayes Jones Center.
Our Present Location  

In 1923, Elder O.B. Rhodes conducted his first revival at the Wesson Street church and later went onto pastor there for several years. During this period, Sister Lena Glenn and Elder James Dooley were longtime ministers. Some of the first pianists included Sister Ethel Rhodes, Sister Verna Mannng-Mott, and Sister Maxetta White-Fort.

Construction of the present structure began in 1957. The official opening was held in the spring of 1959. This history would not be complete without a tribute to all members past, present, old, and new including the faithful support of W.D. Smith and Craycraft and the late Bishop Major J. Watkins who pastored from until 1988. Our Pastor Emeritus, Elder George Williamson served from 1991-2016.  

In September 2011, the membership voted to change the name of the church from Church of God of Pontiac to New Life Community Church of Pontiac.

Our current shepherd is Pastor Elder Jerry Seawright.